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intimdation apex

I gave away the very first Intimidation Challenger 1 Mixer which came off the production line (in my bedroom) in a competition I ran in DJ Mag in 1993. DJ Mag had the largest response they had ever had for this mixer for any competition they previously run, the prize was chosen at random and went to a young DJ called Stephen Train.

I would like to end my story of Intimidation by also given away my very last ever Intimidation Apex Gold. To win this mixer all you have to do is write an interesting article about either this story or another aspect of your experience with Intimidation, or any story you feel will be interesting for others to read and which relates to this and adds further perspective or insights to the history of DJ technology.

The winner will be chosen only after I have found good homes for the few pieces of Apex stock which I currently have left, at which point the very last mixer will be sent to the winner.

To enter simply write your story and put it online somewhere then add the link of your article in the box below:

All the links to the best articles will be also published here for others to also contribute towards.

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